Twist of fate 13 March 2021

13 March 2021

Rhea tells Pragya that Dad shouting and scolding her because of Prachi, he slapped her also. She says I will not forgive her. Pragya slaps her and says don’t think that I slapped you for Prachi, no, I slapped you for yourself.She says I know Prachi is truthfulness and says truth will come out eventually. She says you are a kid and stupid and says if you have fallen down and get hurt then what Meera and your dad have felt. She says Prachi’s life will be ruined and asks her to mend her ways else she will change her for better. She says you are like Prachi to me. Rhea hugs her and cries. Pragya asks what is this way to cry like kid. Rhea says she is a kid and asks her to make her quiet and forgive her. Pragya smiles.

Principal talks to the teachers about Rhea. They tell that they shall forgive Rhea as Abhi apologized to them and he is the trustee of the college. Principal says we will complete the trip and go. Abhi comes to Prachi and says sorry. Prachi asks her not to say sorry. Abhi says his mind stop working when he heard about Rhea and says your mum is best and have given good values to you, I wish Rhea would have learnt something from her. He says she has won and I have failed as a father.


Prachi says you are a good father and says you are world’s best father, whatever you have taught her is good and you will feel proud of Rhea one day. She says nobody loves their children like you love her and asks him to stop blaming himself. She wipes his tears. Abhi hugs her. Prachi hugs him. Tu dhadkan main dil plays…Abhi excuses himself. Pragya forgives her and asks her to stop crying. She says you don’t need a mother to do right or wrong and says daughters are mother’s reflection and asks her to think what her mother will feel.

Rhea says she don’t know about her mum and tells that if she had met her before then would have rectified her mistake. She asks her to slap her, but hug her also. She hugs Pragya and cries. Meera is on the way and is worried about Rhea. She is about to hit a lady, gets down and says sorry. The lady scolds her and asks her to take her to hospital. Mitali calls her, but Meera don’t see the call. Meera sits in car and leaves.

Mitali thinks how to inform Meera that Rhea is found. Pallavi asks her to text her. Rhea tells Pragya that she has troubled her as well and says you might be thinking that I am very bad and mannerless. Pragya asks her to promise and think only good about herself. Rhea says why you are so good and says I really like you. Pragya says I like you a lot. Rhea says I have to go. Pragya asks her to take care.

In the car, Rhea tells Vikram that Dad must be very upset with her which I don’t like. Vikram says Abhi is a big angry and not much. He asks her to sit in the front seat before Abhi comes. Abhi comes and sits in the car. He sees Rhea and asks her to go to back seat. Vikram says she will sit there. Abhi says when I am driving the car, I need silence. Rhea says Dad. Abhi drives the car. Pragya is still at the camp and thinks of Rhea. Prachi asks her what happened? Pragya says Rhea apologized to her. Prachi says apologized and asks why did you forgive her.

She says Mr. Mehra and I was worried for her. He says when he was scolding me, he was broken inside. Pragya says she is a kid. Prachi says he is not a kid, she is like this only. Pragya says you are not like her and tells that Mr. Mehra is her super hero, if he had not come then Police would have arrested her. Pragya says I wouldn’t have let Police arrest you.

Shahaha comes there and tells Pragya and Prachi that principal called everyone. Principal asks everyone to pack their bags and sit in bus, and says they are leaving now due to the storm. The go to pack their bags. Principal asks Pragya to come with them. The Police stops Abhi’s car and tells that the way is closed due to the bridge fall and landslide and says the way will be open tomorrow. He asks them to stay in the farmhouse nearby.

Vikram asks Abhi to take them to farmhouse. Abhi comes to the farmhouse and goes straight inside. Rhea calls Dad. Vikram asks her to call him dad until Abhi calm down. Abhi takes the keys from the receptionist. She takes selfie with him. Rhea says Dad is having fans here. Vikram says he has much fan following when you was not born and tells that he couldn’t reach him then. He tells that Abhi was happy and smiling then, but now he shouts a lot. Rhea laughs.

Principal takes all students, teachers and pragya to the farmhouse. He says we will stay here tonight, this is the safe place. They get inside the farmhouse. Pragya talks to the receptionist and tells that they want room due to the bridge fall. Receptionist says that he also told me. Pragya asks who? Receptionist says a big celebrity and shows Abhi’s pic, but pragya turns just then and don’t see him. They take the rooms. Rhea sees Prachi and gets upset. Vikram asks Abhi to forgive Rhea. Abhi says who plans these things.

Vikram says I did, and then jokes. Pragya, Prachi and Shahana check in the room which is beside Abhi’s room. She calls Sarita behen, but there is no signal. Pragya asks why Rhea is not here. Shahana says she went already with her dad. Pragya thinks don’t know how he will tackle her. Prachi asks did you see my watch. Pragya gives her watch and thinks to talk to Mr. Mehra and give him suggestion, she thinks he might feel bad.

Abhi recalls Vikram’s words that they shall forgive the kids sometimes and makes them realize their mistake. A fb is shown, Pragya laughs and tells him that if he talks to her and clears then only she will know that he is upset. Abhi says I thought you will understand. pragya says silent way is wrong and says communication is solution. Abhi thinks he shall tackle Rhea like Pragya had done. He thinks to meet her and talk.

Shaina ask Rhea if she didn’t go home. Rhea tells that bridge collapsed so they came here. Shaina asks her about Prachi. Rhea says I don’t want to hear her name, she is inauspicious for me. Dimpy asks her to give answer to Prachi. Rhea says she don’t want to do anything. Prachi comes there, looks at them and goes. Dimpy says she is showing attitude and tells Shaina that Prachi knows that they were with Rhea and will not leave us. Rhea comes to her room.

Abhi is waiting for her and apologizes for shouting at her. Rhea says I am sorry as well and hugs him. Abhi says I shouldn’t have shouted and got upset with you and says I should have asked you why you did this. Rhea says she did this to get his attention and tells that since Prachi came, he is not loving her.

Abhis says nobody can take your place, you are my life and says Prachi is a sweet girl and is like her sister. Rhea says she is not my sister. Abhi asks her not to have any hard feelings for Prachi and asks her to go and talk to her. Rhea says she was not in the tent when I went to talk to her. He asks her to meet Prachi.

Rhea comes to Pragya’s room and says I saw Prachi going from here. Pragya asks her to come inside. Rhea says Dad wants her to apologize to Prachi and her. Pragya says your dad is right and says your fight will end with her. Prachi comes there. Pragya asks Rhea to tell what she wants. Rhea recalls getting slaps from everyone and says I don’t want to say. She is about to go.

Pragya holds her hand and says your dad will feel bad. Rhea comes to Prachi and says I want to say something. Prachi says you came here to meet my mum. Pragya says Prachi..Rhea says I want to apologize to you for whatever I did and goes. Prachi closes the door. Pragya tells Prachi why she showed attitude. Prachi says her dad must have asked us. Pragya asks her to forgive her. Prachi says I will try.

Pragya goes. Prachi thinks don’t know how her Papa handles her. Abhi comes near the reception. The lady asks can I help you. Abhi says no. The lady says I want to say something. Abhi says I love someone and there is nobody like her. Abhi and Pragya towards each other. Just then electricity goes and they see each other in the flickering thunderstorm light.

Abhi searches her. Pragya also searches for him. Allah wariyan plays…They come near the bus and check for each other. Allah wariyan plays…Pragya thinks I thought you are here, but it was a feeling. Abhi says it was not you, but your memory. Pragya thinks your memories are still in my heart. She goes inside the farm house. Abhi is still standing out. Prachi asks Pragya to come and says Shahana is waiting for dinner.

Abhi sneezes in his room. Vikram asks why did you go out and says you are not a kid. Ranbir comes there. Vikram asks where was he? Ranbir says I met Aryan. Ranbir says there is some lookalike of Aryan in our college. Abhi asks Vikram to leave Ranbir. Abhi sneezes. Rhea says you shall take something. Rhea and Ranbir go out. Rhea asks Receptionist to call doctor and tells that her dad got cold and now fever.

Ranbir comes and says it is just cold and fever. Rhea asks her not to upset her. Receptionist calls Doctor and asks him to come as a guest is having cold and fever. She then asks Ranbir if he didn’t propose her yet. Ranbir asks how to propose her and blushes. Aryan and Shahana have an argument. Ranbir interferes. Aryan says she is calling him monkey etc. Shahana goes. Ranbir tells Aryan that it is difficult to impress Rhea.

Rhea comes to Abhi’s room and tells that receptionist called doctor, but he is late. She says she knows whom to call and calls Pragya for help. She asks her to come to her room and tells that something happened to my dad. Pragya says I will come there. Vikram asks her if she trust her like Meera. Rhea says I do trust her like Meera and says I trust her. She says Prachi’s mum is a motherly figure and says she is not missing her mother who left her and says Prachi’s mum is best.

Pragya comes to reception and asks if there is any doctor here. Receptionist says she has called the doctor already for Mr. Mehra. Pragya asks her to send some icecubes. Vikram tells Rhea that he will go to reception and asks them to send the doctor fast. Pragya comes there. Vikram opens the door and checks for his phone. Pragya doesn’t see him as he is behind the door. She gets inside and looks at Abhi, but see his face. Rhea comes and asks her to see her dad. Pragya asks her to give handkerchief or any napkin. Rhea goes to bring napkin.

pragya asking Rhea to bring handkerchief or napkin. Rhea goes. Abhi walks towards Abhi holding the water bowl in her hand. Ram Ram Jai Sita Ram plays…Pragya is about to keep hand on his shoulder, when Meera comes and calls him. Rhea says prachi’s mum taking care of dad. Meera takes the bowl from hand. Rhea thanks Pragya. Pragya comes out and thinks why did she feel some connection with him. Meera takes care of Abhi. Vikram comes there and asks how come she is here? She says she went to camp and the worker there told her that they went to farm house. She says she will stay in the room. Rhea says even she will stay here. Abhi wakes up and sees meera. He thinks it seems she didn’t know what Rhea did. Pragya also wakes up and cover Prachi and Shahana with bedsheet. She comesto the window. Her saree Pallu flies and reach Abhi’s window. Abhi holds her Pallu and tries to peep to the other window. Rhea calls him and he goes. Pragya and Abhi miss each other.

Pragya, Prachi and Shahana come home. Sarita behen hugs her. Shahana says nobody loves me. Pragya says I love you. Prachi says even I love you sometimes. Sarita behen asks her to do her work like Prachi. Shahana says I will get indigestion with your love. Sarita behen asks Prachi to check the letter which she received. Prachi checks and says she got a job as a teacher. She says she has to go for interview. She says she will go.

Ranbir is driving Vikram’s car and tells Aryan that he emotionally blackmailed his dad and got his car. Aryan thinks he is smart. Ranbir is driving the car and the muddy water falls on Prachi’s face. They stop the car. Ranbir says she is looking as Prachi. Prachi asks him to stop. Ranbir drives off the car thinking she will scold him. Prachi thinks how I will go for interview now and turns, just then the car comes and puts the sudden brakes. Meera thinks of Rhea’s possessiveness for Abhi while making her sleep. Pallavi comes there and smiles looking at them.

Abhi and Vikram are in that car and gets down from the car. He asks why she is running on the road and says she might get hit by the car. He asks are you mad? He says she is habitual to run on road. Prachi says that man made the muddy water fall on him and left. She says she had job interview today and says Shahana and Maa would get some help from it and tells that nobody will understand, now she lost the job. She tells that rich people like you says that day is bad, but we say that our life is bad. Vikram asks her to calm down. Abhi says do you know that your life is more important than the job. Prachi looks at him.

Vikram says multitasking don’t work everywhere. Abhi asks her to stop crying and offers secretary job to Prachi. He gives her file. Vikram says you have secretary. Abhi says your secretary. Prachi is surprised. Abhi asks her to read the file and asks her to handle the event of 5 years of their success. He asks her to keep rickshaw away from mud. He says you are . Prachi says thank you sir. Vikram says see you tomorrow. They leave from there. Prachi smiles.

Pallavi shows her saree to Meera. Meera says it is nice. Pallavi asks why is she sad? Meera says no. Pallavi asks her to tell. Meera says Rhea’s anger is increased and I can’t handle her. I am feeling very responsible for this and had raised my hand on her. She says Rhea likes prachi’s mum a lot and I can’t bear to see her liking for her. She says Rhea is very comfortable with her and tells that how to make her understand and what to say that don’t talk to Prachi’s mum. Pallavi says Rhea thinks of you as her mother as you have brought her up and says when her anger calm down, she will come back to you.

She asks her to understand her and tells that they shall send Rhea to Abhi’s office. Shahana opens the door and looks at Prachi, says she don’t have change. Prachi says its me. Pragya asks what is this? Prachi says someone made dirty water splash on me. Shahana asks about the interview. Prachi says she got the job, but not the teacher’s job. She tells that she collided with Abhi’s car and was worried for losing the job so he offered her job. Pragya says this is for you. Prachi tells her about the company event tomorrow.

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