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Ayaka Ozubulu Biography – Net Worth, Age, House, Wife & Songs

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You’re welcome, this article contains Ayaka Ozubulu biography – net worth, age, house, wife & songs. So, to everyone out there searching for Ayaka Ozubulu net worth, house, contact ( phone number ) and more. Kindly read along to find out;

Chigozie Obunike popularly known as Ayaka Ozubulu is a super talented Nigerian Highlife musician who originated from Ozubulu

Local government of Anambra State, Nigeria.

Ayaka Ozubulu started his music career around the year 2009 base on estimate calculations (over 10 years).

The popular Highlife singer, Ayaka Ozubulu, is the founder of the Bright Star Band in south east part of Nigeria. His main style of music involves Highlife, ogene and igbo cultural afro beat inclusively.

Ayaka Ozubulu Life History – Net Worth & Family

So far, Ayaka Ozubulu has over 3 music albums on various platforms over the world. One of the most downloaded albums by Ayaka
Ozubulu is Ude Chukwu.

Ayaka Ozubulu Biography – Net Worth, Age, House, Wife & Songs

Chigozie Obunike (Ayaka Ozubulu) is currently worth a net worth $20 million, making him one of the richest Highlife stars in Nigeria.

Ayaka Ozubulu songs are produced by Unique Records, which marks him different from others.

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