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Gangaa 19 and 18 January 2021 On Zeeworld

PublishedBy: in zeeworldFebruary 18, 2021

Gangaa 19 January 2021: The are seated, the are blindfolded. Sagar feels her face cosmetics. He the sindoor that makes Ganga cry. had Supriya to joker. Sagar is one to be . Supriya, Pulkit holds his ears in apology. Sagar notices Ganga crying. Niru Sagar as a winner accepts he wouldn’t have this. Ganga leaves the room.

Ganga is crying room in of . Sagar ask what . Ganga confirms if he doesn’t , Sagar inquires what is.

room, Madhvi says see getting . Niru says its , they are and to their ego.

Ganga says if Sagar doesn’t to , she has to him. Sagar thinks he from her, that she loves his Sagar. Ganga her bangles and turns . Sagar says if she doesn’t ,  . He then , tickets dates can be . He bites his smile, as Ganga .

Niru says now he do they ’t even . , one strict to to .

, Ganga why Sagar doesn’t his . and doesn’t care else’s . The come to insist Ganga play and with them, she . It Ganga’s to chase, she shuts her eyes for a countdown and get flashes of drowning in water. She screams Krishna’s , then for her and hugs Krishna. She tells Juhi to her room as , and takes Krishna .

Kashish calls Juhi into her room. Juhi asks if she  . Juhi complains her doesn’t her play on . Kashish her to Juhi to play her one. Supriya comes calling Juhi to sleep. Juhi requests time . Kashish asks Supriya to Juhi . Supriya says Juhi is already being ruined, one and Kashish will she has her . Juhi excited to . Supriya takes her to sleep.

room, Ganga lay with Krishna on , how she Sagar. Pulkit Supriya sitting sleepless. Supriya with Pulkit what she to Kashish be . Pulkit says he she has a for Kashish. Supriya what Kashish is doing is , she have to sacrifice the Kashish is. Pulkit Supriya for so . Supriya wonders what she do now, Pulkit says she say a to her and get .

There, Sagar the room and wonders Ganga is, is she what he leaving for London. He Krishna’s room and Ganga and Krishna there, then a flying kiss to Krishna and kiss Ganga’s head. , he thinks what if Ganga doesn’t him and doesn’t say what he , then? he ? He wonders if he her that he making her , and her love.

He wanders , and he can’t London. Madhvi comes there, and asks what . Sagar says sleepless, Madhvi says she sleepless then him tea. Sagar , Madhvi tea for them. She asks Sagar if , as he tensed. He denies.

Madhvi says she is tensed, she had with Niru he doesn’t have time for her even . Sagar laughs it, then asks if to Niru for a day. Madhvi smiles, then of spending 7 years him. She there what he holds for her. of the time, spouses are with they a , their absence make us incomplete; does he so. Sagar silently , . Madhvi smiles.

morning, Maharaj ji a and as as . Ganga is , to the and he can come over. Sagar thinks the on Ganga’s . Krishna and Juhi coming and hits Sagar, Krishna reads the and questions Sagar it. She runs in anger. Sagar to with them.

Ganga of her room. Sagar tells the he isn’t going , this drama for Ganga. Krishna Ganga door. Sagar straightens up .

Sagar says to Krishna and Juhi that the grass isn’t the one, and take them .

Kashish stops Pulkit and stood with toys. She says their arrive, she ’t be there to pamper him.

She doing that now, and slips herself into his . Ganga watches them this . Kashish explains she had slipped, and her toys. Pulkit takes the toys. Ganga asks Kashish why she is doing this, does she what have. Maharaj ji comes Ganga she and Sagar to temple, as Niru’s for .

the temple, Sagar thinks what he do if Ganga doesn’t confess that their relation is . He a confession, if she says temple that their relation doesn’t to her; he for . Ganga thinks why is Sagar leaving her , doesn’t this marriage to him? she him this marriage to her, and he shouldn’t ?

She to him, a robber loot on Ganga her neck with a knife. Sagar away , the robber asks for mangal sooter Ganga denies. Sagar insists on her it away, Ganga argues that to her, ’s an marriage.

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