loud urban choir – blood samaritan cover tiktok Lyrics

– blood samaritan cover tiktok Lyrics

Bloody Samaritan

‘Bloody Samaritan’ is the 9th track on ’s debut album ‘19 & Dangerous’. On the track, talks about hypocritical behavior that contradicts what people… Read More 

I’m feeling vibes on vibes
I’m a ticking dynamite
I’ll blow your candlelight
You know I’m just that type
No oh, dem fit kill my vibe (No, no)
Dem no fit kill my vibe
Dem no fit kill
Dem no fit kill
Dem no fit kill my—

[Verse 1]
A wise man said, “Follow the stars”
There you shall find a piece of advice
If you hate your enemies, enemies shine
If you’re not a friend of me, enter the light
‘Cause you can never kill my vibe
Got here with no sacrifices
Everything once takеn, still had to make it
Vibe killer, mе I no go take shit (Ay)

Vibe killer, bloody Samaritan
Protect my energy from your bad aura
Na my pastor say I be my healer
Everything I desire, I go receive
My rhythm, flow like a river
If you get yawa, come on, go and sit down
I go just para, comot my jigga
I go just dey, follow my dreams

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