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Mesut Ozil Is Swapping Arsenal For Fenerbahce



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Turkish passion for football knows no limits. Ask Özil, who has not yet signed with Fenerbahçe but is already the focus of attention of 312,676 fans who followed his trip from London to Istanbul live on ‘Flightradar’.

The transfer of Mesut Özil to Fenerbahçe will be made official in the next few hours. The Turkish club has already informed on its social networks that the player is in its facilities to sign the new contract.

The 32-year-old veteran German midfielder landed in Istanbul on Monday 18th January and a staggering 312,676 people followed his trip from London to Istanbul on ‘Flightradar’.

The former player is already aware of the Turkish passion for football, which made this flight the most followed in the history of the web.

Özil also reconfirmed his signing with the Turkish club on his official Twitter account, where he shared an illustration of Arsenal’s Mesut shaking hands with Fenerbahce.

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