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31 July 2021: Abhi comes to Pragya’s house and calls Prachi. Just then Pragya and Prachi’s photo frame falls down. Abhi bends down to pick it, just then Prachi comes there and calls him. Abhi recalls whatever Aaliya said to him that Prachi is responsible for Rhea’s suicide attempt. Prachi asks how is Rhea?

Abhi asks how do you want to be Rhea, she is like that only. Prachi asks why you are angry? He says go and call your mom. I want to talk to her. Prachi says Maa is not at home. Abhi says I will not come in your mother’s talks and calls Anuradha ji. Prachi asks to whom you are calling and says her name is not Anuradha. Abhi looks at her. Sarita behen asks the auto to stop. Pragya asks if we have bought all the stuff.

Sarita behen says if we need anything or want to return anything then will call the salesguy here. She tells that everything is online now and tells that they shall drink Chandu’s tea and go. Pragya says we would have drink tea at home. Sarita behen says Chanda will not take the money from me. Pragya reminisces Abhi and asks Sarita behen if she don’t think that Prachi’s Papa shall know about this big day in her life. Sarita behen says yes and asks her to call him. Pragya tries to call him.

Prachi says my mom is not Anuradha. Abhi asks how many lies she will tell. She asks him to drink water, but he don’t want to drink water from her hand. He says I was wrong, you are not the same as you look. Prachi asks what did I do? Abhi says you have used me to enter home. Prachi asks him to stop it and tells that she can’t bear to hear such things from his mouth and asks why is he saying that? Abhi says I was wrong and now came to know that they all are saying truth. He asks her not to give him innocent looks. Prachi says I didn’t do anything. Abhi asks then why did my daughter attempt to commit suicide? He says everything happened because of you.

Pragya calls Abhi on the wrong number and the call gets disconnected. Sarita behen says if he blocked your number. Pragya says he will not do this. Sarita behen says may be he don’t want to meet Prachi and you, else he would have come. Pragya says I didn’t tell my address to him. Sarita behen says he might don’t want to meet Prachi and you. Pragya says she don’t want to spoil her mood as she can’t hear anything. Pragya says she hopes that Ranbir’s parents will like the shagun.

Sarita behen tells that she will take out mahurat from the pandit ji for engagement. Abhi tells that Rhea is in hospital. Prachi says she knows. Abhi asks why didn’t you come to hospital to see her and asks if she was waiting to see her dying. Prachi says no. Abhi says when you was in hospital, I thought Rhea is responsible, but actually you was responsible. Prachi says I was thinking what is the and you made me the . He says I have done so much for you and counts whatever he has done for her, and says I have done whatever a father does for his daughter and you have done this with my daughter. He says I used to say that I want another daughter like Prachi. Rhea started feeling that I love you more than her. He says now I wishes not to have daughter like you and hopes nobody gets daughter like you.

He cries. Prachi asks him not to cry. Abhi says Rhea told that Prachi wants to snatch me from her, but I didn’t believe her, but you are a liar and tells that you have kept Ranbir also away from Rhea and that’s why she attempted suicide. Prachi is shocked.


Ranbir recalls Pallavi’s words that Prachi is Maya’s friend and that Rhea attempted suicide because of Prachi. He thinks Prachi can’t do this and thinks how to make everyone understand. He recalls Pallavi telling that he has to marry Rhea. Aryan comes there and hugs Ranbir. Ranbir hugs him tightly. Aryan asks what happened? Rhea is fine. Ranbir tells that everything was about to get fine between Prachi and me, but now everyone is blaming her and holding her responsible for Rhea’s suicide attempt. He says I don’t know what to do. Aryan asks what? He asks didn’t you talk to them? Ranbir says they are not ready to listen to me and tells that they have seen Maya’s video in which she said that Prachi planted her in my life.

Aryan asks him to call Prachi and asks her not to come to hospital. Ranbir calls her and the phone rings.

Prachi tells Abhi that she didn’t do anything. Abhi says you are lying. He says you knows everything and you have planned to separate Ranbir and me from Rhea. He says my fans think that I have everything in my life, but I have just Rhea in my life. He says I am everything for her, her mom and dad. He says I gave her everything, but can’t give her mom’s love. He says whenever she used to cry, I used to give her toy to keep her calm. He says but if she had a mother then she would have handled her. He says when she came to know that she is losing him, then she couldn’t bear. He says I can’t lose her. He says if your dad would have been here then he would have been ashamed and died with shame. He says if I was your dad then would have died. He says you have taken revenge from Rhea. Prachi says no.

Abhi says Aaliya showed me video in which it is clearly visible that Maya and you are friends. Prachi thinks and a fb is shown. She recalls acting to be her friend and says maya and I friends…Abhi stops her and says it is good that you have confessed. He says when he came to know that Rhea and Ranbir are serious about each other, we are about to announce their alliance, but you came inbetween and you snatched Ranbir from Rhea. He says I used to say that I am your mother’s fan because of your upbringing and says I don’t want to talk to her and tell her that I have no relation with you.

Ranbir says Prachi is not picking the call. Aryan asks if her mother knows about this. Abhi says I have just one daughter and asks her to stay away from Rhea and Ranbir. Prachi cries. Abhi goes from there. Prachi cries recalling Abhi’s words.

Sarita behen and Pragya coming to Pandit ji. Pandit ji tells that the girl is very good. Sarita behen says we already know this and asks him to tell about her alliance. Pandit ji asks them not to talk about this alliance. Pragya asks why? Sarita behen says groom’s family are bringing shagun today. Pragya asks if the alliance is not good. Pandit ji says not alliance, but the day is heavy on your daughter, tells that grah and nakshatras are telling this. Pragya says she don’t believe on all this. Sarita behen asks her to call Ranbir and tell him that they will bring the shagun tomorrow. Pragya calls him and tells that Sarita behen said that they shall bring the shagun to his house. She then says that Pandit ji told that today is heavy for prachi. Ranbir says yes, today is the heaviest day. The call gets disconnected. Ranbir goes on telling that both girl and guy are equal. Pragya tells Sarita behen that they will not come today. Pallavi comes there and snatches his phone. She says you will not talk to Prachi’s family also.

Pragya comes home with Sarita behen. They talk about Shahana. Sarita behen says she is my enemy. Pragya says sweet enemy, make you remember your childhood. She says we shall show this stuff to Prachi. She calls Prachi and finds the door locked. Sarita behen gets worried and asks Pragya to break the door. They get inside and see Prachi standing in shock. Prachi hugs her and cries. Pragya asks what happened to you and says I am here, everything will be fine. Prachi says Rhea….attempt to commit suicide.

Pragya is shocked. Prachi says she tried to commit suicide and cries. Pragya says she has her family and they will not let her happen anything. Prachi says she did this because of me, you are not understanding. She says she felt that I am coming between Ranbir and her and that I have snatched him from her. Pragya asks who told you this? Prachi says Mr. Mehra said this and asked me to go away from Ranbir and Rhea’s lives else it will be very bad. She cries and tells that once he told that I can call him Papa, but now he said that now he don’t want daughter like her and nobody shall get daughter like her, if her Papa was there then he would have felt ashamed.

Prachi says he said that it is good that I don’t have the father and tells that she don’t want to stay here and don’t want to let him down. She says he said that I am not good and is very bad. She says he also said that my upbringing is very bad and nobody shall have daughter like me and asked me to stay away from their lives. Pragya is shocked and tries to pacify Prachi.

Aaliya talks to someone and tells that she got information that fake medicines are making in our company and anytime it will be raided. She tells that she will call Bhai, first pick the papers from home. Tai ji says I have the keys and goes behind. Dadi asks them to go home and says she will come later. Beeji comes there and asks why Aaliya went in a hurry. Vikram tells that she had some work. Beeji asks if I can meet Rhea. Dadi says you can, but now Dimpy is with her. Rhea asks Dimpy to tell that Prachi took revenge from her. Dimpy says the same. Beeji comes there and asks Rhea how is she? Rhea says I am fine and says I thought you are angry with me. Beeji says very much and asks didn’t you think about Abhi?

Rhea talks sweetly with Beeji and tells that she is also her Dida. She says sorry and tells that what I had done. Dimpy says you have bear enough and tells that if she was on her place then she would have killed Prachi. Beeji says she is not that bad. Dimpy tells that Rhea had slapped Prachi and called her behenji, but Prachi took revenge on her and snatched Ranbir and Abhi from her. Rhea asks her to stop it. Beeji believes them and thinks I can’t think that Prachi can be so bad. Rhea thinks I got another player in my side.

Sarita behen says how can Mr. Mehra do this? She says why did he scold Prachi? He would have talked to us. Pragya says he has done a big mistake and goes out to call him. Prachi tries to stop her. Shahana comes home. Pragya says he is not picking the call and tells that how can he call you fatherless girl and says I am your father and mother. Prachi says I might have told him something. Pragya tells that I gave upbringing to you. Prachi says he is tensed as Rhea is in hospital. Pragya says she had made Rhea understand like a mother after she did her accident and tells that she will talk to him and takes landline number.

Pallavi asks Vikram to tell Ranbir not to talk to Prachi. Ranbir says I love Prachi. Pallavi says you will not meet her. Ranbir says I will decide with whom I want to live. Pallavi says didn’t you see, what game Prachi played with you. Ranbir says Rhea played game with Prachi and tells that whatever problems came in Prachi’s life was because of Rhea. Beeji asks him to understand and says we love you. Ranbir says if they had loved me then would have heard me, but they want me to forget my love. Pallavi blames Prachi for this and says she told you this. Ranbir says Prachi Prachi Prachi. Pallavi says she said that we don’t love you. Ranbir says did you see Prachi doing this and says you are over reacting? Pallavi says she is bringing her son on the right path and says you are over reacting. She asks him to say straightly that they are nothing for him. Her BP increases and she falls on Vikram. Vikram scolds Ranbir and asks him to take Pallavi home. Ranbir takes Pallavi home and thinks how to tell Prachi’s mom that my parents are against this alliance.

Pragya comes to the road and calls Taxi. Aaliya’s driver stops the car and tells that a lady is crossing the road. Aaliya sees Pragya’s face. Pragya calls on the landline number. Tai ji thinks who is calling on Landline. Mitali says may be called as there was no network. Tai ji picks the call. Pragya asks about Mr. Mehra. Tai ji tells that he went to pharma company and asks who are you? Pragya says I am gusse wali…Tai ji thinks who is she and realizes it was Pragya’s voice.

Aaliya thinks I have used your daughter to keep you away from our house and says if you love your daughter then stay away from us.

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