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MTN 2021 Data Cheat – Enjoy 10GB At Cheap Rate Latest Update

MTN 2021 Data Cheat – Enjoy 10GB At Cheap Rate Latest Update

2021 Data Cheat – Enjoy 10GB At Cheap Rate Latest Update

I promised to share this with you guys. In this post I will show you how to enjoy cheap data plan. If you have been searching for cheat data plan or MTN 2021 data cheat. I have all packed for you in this article.

You will learn how to enjoy 4GB for as low as 1000 naira. You can as well enjoy 2GB at 500 naira. Don’t waste your money to buy data plan. You got your covered.

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How To Enjoy 30GB Free Data On MTN Nigerian

This cheating have been on for a while. It is totally free and available for everybody. One good thing of this free data on MTN, you don’t need vpn to activate it.

Thanks to Victor, you brought the cheat for my notice. I have tested the cheat and it is working fine. It is very simple to activate, follow our get below and get 30gb Free data on MTN.


Below are what you need to get MTN 30gb mifi cheat working.

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How To Activate Free Data On MTN – Enjoy 30GB Using IMEI Tweak

  1. Firstly, tweak this imei 86773803075****.
  2. Proceed Copy and paste the imei number into the imei generator app you downloaded.
  3. Now click generate, it will generate some imei numbers.
  4. Copy and paste the generated imei numbers on IMEI analyzer app, that you downloaded using the link above.
  5. Now make sure that the IMEI have been analyzed and it is correct before proceeding to Tweak.
  6. Once your IMEI number have been confirmed. Next step, change your phone’s IMEI.
  7. Launch the MTK Engineer tool and enter your valid IMEI you generated.
  8. If you don’t know how to change your phone IMEI number click Here. After changing it, come back and continue from the next step.
  9. After Tweaking, apply airplane mode on & off for the changes to take effect.
  10. To confirm if the Tweaking is successful, please dial *#06#.
  11. If you have successfully tweaked the IMEI, then you have to call MTN customer care agent on 180.
  12. Don’t be afraid and don’t stammer.
  13. Now the MTN agent will credit credit you 30GB free data.

How To Change Your Phone IMEI Number

  • Launch the MTK engineering app and click on “engineering mode”.
  • Now a page will pop up, select the engineering mode (MTK) option.
  • A new page will open, now swipe right to open the connectivity page mobile uncle or mtk engineering mode app.
  • Choose “CDS information” option.
  • Click on “radio information” on the new page that will pop up.
  • A page will come up for those using two Sims, if your phone is using one sim card you wouldn’t see this option. If you are using dual sim, chose your preferred sim card to change IMEI number. Note that Phone 1 is Sim 1 while phone 2 is Sim 2.
  • In this tutorial, I will choose sim one.
  • Take your cursor after the AT+ and type this EGMR=1,7,””
  • Now type in the IMEI number you want to tweak with quotation “ “. Check and make sure it is 15 digits number. If so, click on send command option.
  • A message will show you that your command have been sent.
  • Now you can, turn your phone airplane mode on for 5 seconds, then turn it on. Dial *#06# to confirm your IMEI tweak.
  • Congratulations, your IMEI is now effective.
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After tweaking your IMEI number, go to “How To Activate Free Data On MTN – Enjoy 30GB Using IMEI Tweak “ – Section above and continue from step 9.

MTN Free Data Cheat 2021, Enjoy Free 1000GB Now –100℅ Perfect

Activate your full 30GB data with IMEI tweaking, enjoy 30GB mifi free data. Thanks to Victor for update.

MTN 2021 Data Cheat – Enjoy 1.5GB For 300 Naira

You can enjoy cheap data plan using our new MTN cheat codes 2021. It will help you to get data cheap rate and stop buying it costly.

To enjoy this MTN Data cheat make sure that you have 300 naira airtime available in your phone. The cost of this plan is 300 naira. If you have that follow the steps below to activate it.

MTN 2021 Data Cheat – Enjoy 10GB At Cheap Rate Latest Update

Now Dial *121*1# send it and wait for reply. You will receive a reply saying 1.5gb for 300 naira. Then reply 1, a menu will pop up rely 1 to activate it and enable auto renewal. You will be credited with 1500MB and charged 300 naira.

How To Enjoy MTN 1000 Naira For 4GB

  • Dial *121#
  • Now reply 2 ( Data offers 4ME )
  • From there choose if you are buying the 1000 naira plan or 500 naira for 1.5GB

How To Enjoy 1GB For 250 Naira On MTN.

I shared this before and I want to do it again…

I just got 2GB with 500 naira now.. It is very cheap

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To enjoy this make sure you have minimum of 50 naira in your phone. The good news is that you can enjoy the daya without any settings or vpn.

You can see my 2GB data on my 1st screenshot.

MTN 2021 Data Cheat – Enjoy 10GB At Cheap Rate Latest Update

Dial *131*25#, send it.

Now wait, when it is successful. You will receive a message that the bio weekly data have been activated. You will be given 200MB ( Second Below )

MTN 2021 Data Cheat – Enjoy 10GB At Cheap Rate Latest Update