Unlimited VPN Free Browsing With Cheat Settings: Enjoy Unlimited Internet Access 2022

VPN Free Browsing Cheat

Read the complete guild on how to Download And Setup VPN Free Browsing Cheat, a direct link to download Free Browsing AppHow To Browse Free With VPN, and the Best way to VPN Free Browsing Cheat 2022; all this information is provided below in this article As at 01/06/2022 TecroNet.

VPN Free Browsing 2022: Are you searching for the best free browsing app? I have taken my time to compile the best VPN list that you can use to enjoy unlimited Internet access. and also learn how to hack a sim card for unlimited everything

What Are VPN or Tunnelers?

For you to enjoy free unlimited Internet access, you to hide and bypass telecommunications firewalls. This is made possible by using a VPN, and they are paid VPN and free VPN. In this blog post, I will be sharing with you top-performance VPN good for free browsing with tricks and tips to activate it.
Each VPN will have various telecommunications settings for free internet as many as possible.

List of VPN for Free Browsing Cheats 2022

  • XP Psiphon VPN
  • Netloop VPN
  • Tweakware VPN
  • Hammer VPN
  • Troid VPN
  • KPN Tunnel VPN
  • Droid VPN
  • XP VPN
  • Finch VPN
  • HTTP Injector
  • Psiphon handler
  • Slow DNS VPN
  • Your-Freedom
  • UC Browser Handler
  • Opera Mini Handler
  • Nord VPN

Latest VPN Free Browsing Cheat 2022

Here is a list of free VPNs you can use to enjoy the unlimited Internet. I have also shared working settings to enjoy free internet for your device, and this is the Latest VPN free browsing Cheats

#1 XP Psiphon VPN

This is one of the most popular VPN available. Know for her strong connection and download speed. Over the years, this tunnel has not failed when it comes to free browsing cheat. They offer all their servers to be free, but it has limited usage.

This VPN can be used on Android, iOS, and Windows. The older version of this app drains the battery, so I advise you to use the app’s new version.

How to Enjoy Free Internet Using XP Psiphon VPN

Here is how you can activate free internet on your Sim card using XP Psiphon….

  • Download XP Psiphon CLICK HERE
  • Download the XP Psiphon config file; this file contains settings to enjoy free browsing. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD 
  • Now install and open your XP Psiphon app. Follow the guide below to set up a free internet trick.
  • Click on the three dots lined up at the top right side of the app.
    Select on import file, browse and locate the place you downloaded the config file, and select it and import it.
    Enter the config file password, type Jacobian
  • Click on connect; once it is connected, enjoy free browsing and unlimited Internet.

NOTE: This cheating works on the selected sim card, so it did not work on your Sim. Find another Sim. It works for old Sim cards, like 4 to 6 years old minimum. Enjoy the Internet at zero cost using a free VPN.

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Setting 2: Free Internet Using XP Psiphon

Suppose the above settings didn’t work for you. Here is another set to enjoy VPN-free browsing using XP Psiphon.

Location settings on your XP Psiphon and implement the following.

• Tick remove port
• Proxy Type: Reverse Proxy
• Proxy Server: bit.ly/Airtel-wlcma
• Real Proxy Type: Inject
• Real Proxy Server:
• Set Real Proxy Port: 3128
• Now Click Save
• Tunnel whole device
• Accept.
• Navigate to options
• Select Region: Best Performance
• Click on More Option
• Tick connect through an HTTP
• Tick use the following settings
• Enter Host Address:
• Click on Port: 3128
• Go back and hit on Connect button

It will take you 5 to 8 minutes to connect once it is connected. Enjoy unlimited internet accessVPN Free Browsing Remember to this article with family and friends.

Netloop VPN For Free Internet

Here is another VPN or tunnel that you can use to enjoy free browsing. This tunnel is formerly known as Simple Server. It is one of the VPN that has been underrated, with many free servers that are unlimited. It has so many features that can offer you free internet for a year.

It works very well on Android, IOS, and Windows devices. It is a free service that offers unlimited Usage, unlike XP Psiphon. This app has a problem in connection; sometimes, it takes time to accelerate and connect.


VPN Free Browsing 2022 Settings Using Netloop Tunnel

Apply the following settings to enjoy a free internet trick using net loop VPN.

  • Tick Enable Proxy
  • Proxy host:
  • Proxy Port: 8080
  • Enable header tweaking
  • Choose tweak type: Injection.
  • Inject query/URL: http://mobie.
    Inject Host: mobile.
    Injection line: press enter 4 times
  • Now go back to the android simple server main menu, and tap “Local server settings.”
  • Buffer size: 8092
  • Concurrent connection: 10
  • Go to log level and select “DEBUG.”
  • Now return to the homepage and click on connect.

Once the app gets connected, showing a key near your network signals. You are good to go.

Droid VPN For Unlimited Internet Access 2022

Droid VPN For Unlimited Internet Access 2020

If you have been around the web of free browsing, the Droid VPN is not a new name to you. This is one of the free VPN which allows you to enjoy free browsing without settings.

Their free service is limited, and the paid server is unlimited. The free server is capped to 100MB per day. So I will be showing you how you can enjoy free 100MB every day using Droid VPN. This app works well on Android, window, and ios devices.

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VPN Free Browsing Cheat Using Droid Tunnel

  • Once you have downloaded and install the app, launch it, and implement the following settings.
  • Use an – airtelgprs.com.
  • Download and open Droid VPN app [download from with link above]
  • Now select any free server.
  • Choose network protocol as UDP.
  • Enter UDP port as- 9201 or49201 or 49200 or 49203 or
  • Now save settings and click on Connect.

Once it gets connected, enjoy the free Internet. This cheat works well on some selected Airtel Sim.

XP VPN For Free Internet Access

XP VPN supports free Internet access with top VPN features like Psiphon, Https injector, and co. This XP tunnel is totally free and can be used on Android. Its severed is free and unlimited; the app is not updated regularly.


Free Browsing VPN – How To Enjoy Latest Free Browsing

Here is a guide to activate free Internet using XP VPN. You need the following things:

  • Android phone
  • Smart Sim card, no data or airtime should be on the Sim.
  • Then XP settings

Here is how to Activate it….

  • After you finish downloading your XP, install and open it.
  • Then minimize it to download the config file settings; CLICK HERE.
  • Now click on the icon on the top right corner, locate the config file you downloaded, select it, and import.
  • Now you are done with the settings, click on the Connect button once it is connected, congratulations. You can now enjoy free browsing on your Sim card for free.

This cheat works well for smart communication users, don’t forget to share this article with family and friends. Use that social media button above to do that.

Finch VPN For Free data Cheat

Finch is one of the VPN that offers free Internet access. Suppose you are looking for a VPN to use and hack your Sim card for unlimited download. Then Finch is the right VPN for you, with the right configuration. You don’t need to bother about data charges because Finch VPN will cover everything for you.

This VPN supports multiple https ports and UDP. This made this tunnel unique and different from others. It has a free and paid data cap, and the free server is capped to 3GB monthly while the paid server is unlimited. This VPN works well on Android and window only, and I have not tried it on their operating system yet.

The fact is that it has been long. I tried using Finch VPN to browse because I keep testing other new VPN. But here is a setting is used a few months ago; try out and see if it is still working.

  • Firstly, download Finch VPN, install and launch it.
  • Create a new account with them.
    On the home page of Finch VPN lake, the following changes. Set server protocol to be UDP and port 9201.
  • Navigate to settings and make sure that custom settings are not ticked.
  • Hit the connection button once it is CONNECTED like mine. Enjoy unlimited Internet and free browsing.

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• Slide to settings and tick custom settings. Then select the following.
Proxy system
Local port
• Tick “Use Proxy System.”
• Mark “Local port binding.”
• Select the local port number and choose 1024.
• Click on the location tap and choose the nearest country close to you. Please select any from the free servers.
• Return to home tap and choose the Protocol Server & Port. Set protocol server to TCP and port to 80
• Click on the CONNECT button and wait for it to get connected.

Now you can enjoy free browsing on your Sim card. Remember to share this article with family and friends. Keep visiting for more Airtel free data cheat, MTN free data cheat, GLO cheat, and more tricks.

Free Internet Trick Using HTTP Injector

HTTP Injector is the boss of most tunnel out there; this tunnel or VPN has unique features. Every free browsing cheat created using this tunnel lasts longer than others because it encrypted the Internet and provided free access.

This app works well on Android and IOS. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

VPN Free Browsing Using Https Injector For Airtel Users Only

The following are ways that you can configure for free Internet access.

• This setting works well on Airtel Sim cards with zero balance.
• Install your HTTP injector and launch it.
• Now download the configuration file; CLICK HERE 
• Click on the icon at the top near the three-dotted lines.
• Tap on import from the pop-up.
• Locate the configuration file where you downloaded it to your phone. Now click on import.
• Tap on start; once it is connected, start enjoying free browsing cheat.

Make sure you use the Sim card that has zero data and airtime. Please share this article with family and friends.

Free Internet Using Https Injector For MTN Users Only

If you are using MTN, here are the settings for you to enjoy free browsing.

  • Open your https app.
  • Download the configuration file; CLICK HERE.
  • Follow the steps above and import it.

General Https Injector Settings For All Sims

Are you using other mobile networks? Here is a guide for you to activate this free browsing cheat.

Launch the https injector app and click on payload generator

Then tick the following,
• Payload – Normal
• Url/Host – free.facebook.com/rdr
• Request Method – Connect
• Injection method – Normal
• Query Method – back query
• Extra Header – Online Host
• Extra – Don’t touch it.
• Click on generate the payload.

Psiphon handler For Free Internet

This is one of the popular VPN free browsing cheat handles. This app is designed specially to aid free Internet and support unlimited download. This app is free and unlimited, works well on Android and PC with an android emulator.


Settings On How to Enjoy Free data Using Psiphon Handler

• When you have finished downloading the app, install and launch it.
• Now, implement the following settings on your Psiphon.

Check Remove port box.
Proxy type: Dual Real Host
Set Proxy server: datareset.mtnonline.com/#Xstring
Set Real proxy type: HTTP
Enter Real proxy port: 80
• Navigate to OPTIONS and select the UNITED STATES as your region.
• Now, tap on MORE OPTIONS, under CONNECT THROUGH HTTP, and enter as Host address and 8080 as Port

Now you are set to enjoy free Internet; note that this cheat works well on the MTN Sim card. So enjoy the unlimited and free Internet. Share this article with family and friends

Psiphon Handler Settings For Airtel Users

After downloading your VPN and installing it, tweak the following settings.

• Tick remove port
• Proxy Type: Reverse Proxy
• Proxy Server: bit.ly/Airtel-wlcma
• Real Proxy Type: Inject
• Real Proxy Server:
• Real Proxy Port: 3128
• Now Click Save
• Got to options
• Select Region: Best Performance
• Navigate to More Option
• Tick connect through an HTTP
• Tick use the following settings
• Host Address:
• Port: 3128
• Return to the homepage and click on connect

Slow DNS VPN Free Browsing

Slow DNS is another must-have free browsing app. If you have been searching for the best app for free browsing, then this app is a must-have for you. I will take my time and guide you on how you can enjoy free browsing on this app.
This app is free and has unlimited servers, which are paid servers. The free server is capped to a 25MB daily limit. It is tough to configure, but I will be showing how to do it. Once it is configured, you have an 80% chance of enjoying free Internet with it.


How To Setup Slow DNS For Free Internet

The following are the settings….

  • • After downloading and installing the app, launch it, and implement the following settings.
  • • When the app opens, don’t touch the user name and password column.
  • • Next box is the server. Here they are free and paid servers since we are using a free server. Select any of the free servers. This is a test run; if it didn’t work, select another server and test it till it connects.
  • • The following box contains your IP address; click on it. Choose any from that place and check if it is working. Continue the test before you find the one working. You can test the following servers first and see if they are still working, or [recommended] Or

You can now click the connection button once it gets connected. Then you can enjoy the free Internet. Airtel free data is still blazing; learn more on how you can enjoy free data on MTN.

Your-Freedom VPN

Your freedom is one of the most popular VPN that allows free Internet tricks. Over the years, this app has been a great help when it comes to free browsing cheat. Your freedom is one of the best apps for free browsing. This app has various protocols such as Https, DNS, UDP, ICMP, ICMP ECHO, HTTP/POST/CGI, etc. It has two options the paid server (unlimited) and the free server ( limited and slow speed).


Your-Freedom VPN doesn’t have a cheat that’s working on it currently. I will update this post once I discover a working cheat setting. Remember that they are still the best VPN for free browsing cheat.

Tweakware VPN For Free Browsing Cheats

This app is free but capped to 100MB per day. Every VPN is designed to overcome the firewall to create free internet. Tweakware is one of those VPNs; with this app, you don’t need to be testing many settings to check if it works well. Tweakware can easily detect the settings that are working perfectly. It has free servers, which are limited, and paid servers that are unlimited.

How To Activate Free Browsing On Tweakware VPN

Here are settings, working only for MTN users….
• Once you have downloaded your VPN, installed and launched it.
• Tap on Settings > Custom Tweak > then set it like this:

Connection Mode: HTTP
Server Port: 8080
Host Header: mtn1app.mtn.com
Don’t tick Reverse Proxy
Proxy Host:
Proxy Port: 8080
Leave other settings as it was.

• Return to the main page and select Free Server. And in the second box, select Custom
• Now, tap on Connect. It will connect within 60 seconds.

Once it is connected, you are good to go. Enjoy free browsing, but you may encounter difficulty while trying to connect. I advise you to keep trying until it gets connected.

Tweakware Free Browsing VPN Settings For Airtel Users

• Download Tweakware VPN CLICK HERE
• Install and launch it, then implement the following settings.
• Click on the handle menu that will appear and enter the following settings.
• Set Proxy Type: ‘Real Host’ or ‘Dual Real Host.’
• Enter Proxy Server: buddies.airtelmoney.in
• Now save your settings and get ready for a pop-up menu that says ‘Tunnel The Whole Device, ‘Click yes.
• Proceed and select any of US free servers and click connect. It will connect in a few seconds.

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Congrats if this cheating worked for you. Remember to share this article with friends on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. Keep visiting for more.

Troid VPN For Free Internet Trick

Troid VPN is one of the fastest tunnels for free browsing. I have shared many free browsing cheats that are channeled using this VPN; Check out my home page for more. This VPN has its free and paid servers; free is limited while paid is unlimited. In this tutorial, I will be showing how you can enjoy the Internet all for free using Troid VPN.


Free Browsing Settings On Troid VPN ( MTN Users Only)

• Download the app, install and launch it.
• Implement the following settings…
• Sokt: TCP Server
• Proto: TCP
• Rport:5222
• Lport 3118

Now, click-connection button and enjoy the free Internet.

Troid VPN Settings For Airtel Users Only

• Download, install and launch the VPN…
• Set Port As TCP
• Rport – 443
• Lport – 0
• Now, Just Go to advance settings.
• Must Tick mark on ( Use Proxy for TCP Connection ) and enter Below Settings
• Enter Proxy host as or
• Set Port – 3128
• Host – Host:

Now click on the connect button and enjoy your free browsing cheat. Share this with family and friends.

Hammer VPN

Hammer VPN is like other free browsing VPN, but this is coming from the family of guru tunnels. Thinking of how to enjoy free browsing, hammer tunnel is an excellent app for VPN free browsing. It has many special features that distinguish it from others.
This VPN has paid and free servers; the paid server is unlimited while free service is limited. Hammer VPN is capped to 100MB daily on free servers while unlimited for paid.


Hammer VPN Settings For Airtel Free Data

After downloading the app, effect the following changes once installed.

• Select protocol As UDP
• Click on advance settings
• Set DNS
• Now set Rport 1194
• Set Lport 9201
• Return to home and click on the “connect” button

Enjoy Free Internet on your Airtel sim. Share this article with friends; that the way you will encourage me to post more.

Free Internet Using Hammer VPN ( MTN users only)

• Download and Install the VPN, use the link above, launch the app.
• Leave Username and Password as default
• Server- Select any free server
• Set R Port as 8080
• Enter L Port as 9201
• Leave the Last box empty.
• Now, Click on connect and get started. Once it is connected, enjoy free Internet on your MTN sim.


KPN Tunnel VPN

KPN Tunnel has helped a lot of souls when it comes to free browsing. This VPN does not offer only free data but hence your downloading speed.


There are no working cheat settings for this tunnel, and I will update this post once any has been discovered.

VPN For Free Browsing Using UC Browser Handler

• UC browser Handler
• Active Airtel Sim card
• 3G or 4 G network
• Zero account balance
• Download UC Browser Handler, install and open it.
• Enable your mobile phone data. Launch the UC browser, scroll to the bottom, and tick remove the port.
• Now select the proxy server to be the Real host.
• Fill in the proxy server using the codes below:
• Save your settings by clicking OK. Congratulations, you can now enjoy free browsing on your UC browser.

Airtel Free Internet Trick Using Opera Mini Handler

• Download the latest Opera Mini handler
• Make sure you install the app, then open it.
• Navigate to the mobile Internet settings, click on Internet settings.
• The select access point then creates a new option.
• Use the code below and fill in
Name: Airtel Internet
Apn: Airtelgprs.com
Port: 80
• Now save your option, and open your operator mini-app. This might take some time.
• Once it opens, you can now browse for free on your Airtel Sim.


I hope that you have gotten the best VPN-free browsing 2022 that you want. We will keep updating this post with more VPN and settings. Keep visiting free browsing cheat for more.

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