Wiz Khalifa’s Impressive Net Worth And Biography (Updated 2022)

Wiz Khalifa’s Impressive Net Worth And Biography (Updated 2022)

Struggles, passion, and hard work make a person successful. The best part about inspirational stories that they bring positivity and help you overcomes difficult phases. One of the inspirational personalities in our era is Wiz Khalifa.

This 32-year-old famous American rapper is one of the richest persons who is known for its lyrical rapping, singing, song writing and acting. His real name is Cameron Jibril Thomaz, and belongs to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. However, he spent his childhood in Germany and Japan because his parents were in the army. 

He is one of the greatest examples for those youngsters who are passionate about singing and rapping. Khalifa has earned a living from his creative music, which has made him the most renowned rappers in the American Music Industry. 

His songs and music albums are buzzing the entire industry and this has been reflected in his net worth 2020. If you want to know more about this successful journey, his passion for music and net worth, then keep reading this article. 

We have prepared a complete article about Wiz Khalifa’s short biography, professional life, personal life, net worth, and more interesting facts. 

Quick Facts About Wiz Khalifa

Full Name:Cameron Jibril Thomaz
Popular Name:Wiz Khalifa
Birth Date:September 8, 1987
Age:34 years
Birth Place:Minot, North Dakota
Nationality:United States of America
Ethnicity:African American
Education:Taylor Allderdice High School
Marital Status:Divorced
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Wife/Spouse:Amber Rose (2013-2015)
Children:One son
Net Worth:$60 million (as of May 20th, 2021)
Source of Wealth:Rapping, Singing, Acting, and Personal Investment
Height:1.93 m (6″ 3″)
Weight:185 lbs (84 kg)

His Birth and Childhood Days

Wiz Khalifa aka Cameron Jibril Thomaz was born in Minot, North Dakota on 8th September, 1987. He belongs to a military background as both of his parents served the military. He spent most of his early days moving from UK to Germany to Japan. Even his parents divorced when he was just three years old boy.

He went to Taylor Allderdice High School, which is situated in Pittsburg, where they settled for many years. He didn’t use any rap name generator fun stuff to make up a name for himself. The stage name ‘ Wiz Khalifa’ has two different meaning:

  1. Wiz is the short form of wisdom 
  2. Khalifa is originated from Arabic language and it means Successor.

His Professional Life

Wiz Khalifa is passionate about his music and started off his career when he was just 16 years old. He signed his first project with Rostrum Records and got to release his first mixtape Prince of the City Welcome to Pistol Vania back in 2006. He released various mixtapes via the record label, and he signed to Warner Bros. Records in 2007. 

After that, Khalifa released single albums and also collaborated with different artists, including David Banner, The Game and Play-n-Skills. 

However, he resigned the record lable and continued working with Rostrum Records in 2009. A year later, he signed a contract with Atlantic Records and collaborated with several hot artists – this was his path towards popularity. 

After gaining popularity, he took his career forward and released his first single hit ‘Black and Yellow’. In fact, some of his songs have been featured in the ‘Billboard Top 100’ lists. 

Now, he is considered as one of the world-renowned singers who has created his own success story.

Wiz Khalifa Net Worth 2020

Believe it or not, Wiz Khalifa is one of the richest artists in the American Music Industry with a net work of $60 million in 2021. He has proved his potential, creative aspect and hardships and has become one of the popular artists all around the world. 

A large portion of his earnings has been via music sales amounting to concert ticket sales amounting to $36 million. Followed by YouTube Channel is estimated at $15 million, Endorsement deals amounting to $11 million, Merchandising accounting for $8 million and music sales averaging $2.6 million.

His YouTube Channel is growing with each passing day and has managed to build a huge fan base all around the world. This has added to a great amount of revenue. He has various endorsement deals with many renowned companies. Khalifa also has his line of merchandise that he is selling on various online ecommerce websites such as Amazon. 

This clearly means that Wiz Khalifa’s income has no hidden sources because he clearly shown everything to the public. On the contrary, many artists in the same industry do not reveal their sources of income, but he has made it pretty clear for all his fans.

Popular Hits of Wiz Khalifa

Here is a list of Wiz Khalifa’s popular songs that you must have grooved your waist:

  • Show and Prove – It was released back in 2006 and was his first hit.
  • Rolling Papers: It was his third studio album, released in 2011 by Atlantic Records and Rostrum Records. 
  • Deal or No Deal: It as a 15-track album that presented his growth and progress as a world-renowned MC. The album was released in 2009. 
  • Mac and Devin Go to High School: It is the collaborative soundtrack to the movie name. It was released way back on December 13, 2011, by Atlantic Records. 
  • O.N.I.F.C : This was Wiz Khalifa’s fourth album, released on December 4, 2012 by Rostrum Records and Atlantic Records. The title of this album was inspired by the H.N.I.C album by Prodigy of Mobb Deep.
  • Blacc Hollywood: It was his fifth studio album, released in the UK on August 18, 2014. It was a hit by Wiz Khalifa.
  • Rolling Papers 2: It is Khalifa’s latest hit that represented the expensive version of the rap.

These are some of his hits that have made him one of the greatest rappers in the music industry. 


Wiz Khalifa is one of the popular rappers, singers and artists we have in this era. His unique music, albums, and success story is an inspiration for many youngsters who want to build their career in the music industry. His net worth is estimated at $60 million and has a bright future if he keeps awakening his passion for music.  

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