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Zara’s Nikah 14 January 2021



’s Nikah 14 January 2021: Zara is going out, his child comes there and says my dad is somewhat troublesome, we would be glad if our plans are utilized on public level, she offers plans to him. She calls and says I am coming.

She calls man and says I cannot come today. He says my sister was commending you a ton, if you don’t mind come for 5 minutes. Zara says alright. She goes to man’s home, his sister requests that she stay. Police comes there and says search this house. Zara is confounded, they check Zara’s tote and finds pendrive inside. Zara says its not mine, police checks substance of it and captures Zara.

Zara says its not mine, hear me out. Zara reviews how that young lady met her at Airport. Zara feels that I cannot tell Kabir. She says I need to send this to Kabir, she sends plans to Kabir yet official takes her phone.

Kabir prepares as culinary expert. He gets Zara’s plans. Supervisor says we need to begin rivalry, Kabir requests at some point. He calls Zara yet she doesnt get. Rivalry starts.Zara tells official that she didnt do anything. She figures what will I do now?

Ruksaar comes to mosqu and requests that a man reveal to his better half is in emergency clinic. He proceeds to advise him. Ruksaar thinks Kashan cannot prevent Shahbaz from telling Kabir.

Shahbaz comes to emergency clinic. Kashan says I had a go at calling you. Shahbaz says you didnt tell Kabir? Kashan says asked not to. Shahbaz says would you say you are distraught? He should be here.

Shahbaz calls Kabir however judge takes it. Shahbaz requests that he offer it to Kabir. Kabir accepts call. Shahbaz says your mom is extremely sick, she is in emergency clinic, come here.

Shahbaz yells at Kabir and asks him to rebound for his mom, he closes call. Kabir advises judge that he needs to leave.

Zara tells official that she is from Lucknow, she attempts to discover her ID yet cant. Zara says I am certain they are catching me, let me call. She attempts to call Irfan yet his telephone is off, she calls Ayesha. Shahbaz accepts call, official accepts call and inquires as to whether he knows somebody Zara Siddiqui? Shahbaz says no, we dont, he closes call. Official says they dont know you. Zara says you are mixed up, I am not from this posse. She sees hooligans battling and is terrified.

Ayesha gets cognizant, all come in her room. Specialist says its a marvel that she is wakeful. Ayesha inquires as to whether Kabir is fine and participating in rivalry? Specialist says God needs him to be there. Ayesha gets judge’s everything, judge says Kabir left from here, he is winning however he is leaving. Kabir comes there and sees Ayesha on video call, he says I am coming, just let me realize how are you? Ayesha says I need you to rebound yet I need you to be a champ, you are a contender, you cannot leave that front and come here, battle there and win, I am fine, I will be in harmony on the off chance that you win and, at that point come here, in the event that you are my child, at that point perform your responsibility and win. Kabir says you are correct, I am your child. Ayesha appeals to God for his triumph. Kabir says farewell to her. Judge says lets battle for it, your mom is with you. Kabir goes to his table and starts cooking.

Scene 2
All leave Ayesha’s room. Ayesha scowls at Ruksaar and reviews how she didnt help her when she was biting the dust. Ruksaar emerges from room and says on the off chance that she recalls that I didnt help her, at that point I am dead.

Irfan and family watches food rivalry. Judges advise plans to members. Judges says all of you arranged for these dishes however you wont make it. All are dazed. They call a unique visitor who says that you need to make a dish which I will show.

Officer requests that woman constable pursuit her. Zara says no, she moves back, a man approaches and says I am Abdullah, you didnt remember me? Official says what attorney? You are consistently here, avoid this case. Zain says you are my companion so I am not recording a case on you, I am against wrongdoing and unfairness. Zain says these thugs did a wrongdoing so rebuff them however leave this young lady, she is blameless, you are doing foul play, see her face, I am feeling awful, whats your name? Zara says Zara Siddiqui. Zain says I need to be her attorney and free her. Official says why you need to free this young lady as it were? Attorney says I need evidences yet I can glance face to face’s eyes and see whether he did a wrongdoing or not.

Zain tells official that he can tell Zara is blameless and he will demonstrate it. He takes Zara from that point to talk.

Manager shows frozen yogurt to competitors. Kabir reviews how Salma advised him to make some sweetdish and how he told that he is powerless in that office. Judge says I was powerless in making sweetdishes however I attempted and made it awesome. Visitor says your frozen yogurt ought to be correct blend of delicate and hard. All taste it.

Zain says to Zara that I am a decent man and your legal counselor, I can get work effectively however I help individuals who are stuck in wrong cases. Zara says I didnt do any wrongdoing so I dont need legal counselor. Zain says they wont acknowledge it, I simply need to deliver you once again from this trouble.

Contestants tell visitor that this dish is astonishing. Visitor says you need to recreate this dish which looks and tastes like this lone, you will get one life line, you can get help one time, your time begins now. All beginning cooking. Kabir is strained and thinks. Salma, Irfan and Ayesha are viewing on TV. Irfan says where is Zara? I will proceed to call her. Azra says Salma is concerned like Kabir is her child. Salma says I like him a ton and in the event that Zara is content with his fellowship, at that point I am as well, they can begin another coexistence when they rebound, I have seen their adoration and I wasn’t right earlier.

Zara reveals to Zain that I need to head off to some place, would you be able to call one number? She gives him number and heads inside. Zain considers Irfan and says your girl is in police headquarters, she is stuck here and lost her ID so send her ID first, I am her legal counselor. Irfan says what? He closes call and says I sent Kabir with her however he didnt deal with her, my girl needs me so I am going.

Zain comes to Zara in police headquarters and sees Zara asking. A lady says somebody is hanging tight for her so she is appealing to God for him.

Scene 2

All are occupied in getting ready dish, judge says you dont have a lot of time, hustle just a bit. Kabir is chipping away at his dish. Judge says just 20 minutes remaining. Kabir puts his frozen yogurt in cooler and chips away at dressing. He brings his frozen yogurt out of refrigerator after at some point yet a candidate hits with him and his frozen yogurt tumbles down, all are stunned. Judge says you ought to have been cautious, you dont have the opportunity to make another, what will you do now? Judge says you can utilize your life line with fluid nitrogen. Kabir utilizes it and freezes his frozen yogurt. Another hopeful’s frozen yogurt is wrecked so he discards it. Kabir’s frozen yogurt is wrecked yet he says I am prepared to take challenge.

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