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Zara’s Nikah 17 January 2021 On Zeeworld

PublishedBy: in zeeworldFebruary 18, 2021

17 January 2021: Kabir a repoter he on his relation with Zara. All from there. scolds Kabir and asks him his , Kabir leaves

Irfan Salma and says . Police comes there, all on. Inspector says Zara arrested and bailed she . Zara comes there and says you dont Irfan is? with . Inspector says the . comes there and says . Zain says to inspector that she a convicted, her station, he me for you . Inspector says Irfan didnt me. Zain says meet in . Inspector says . Zain says officer as its her and with . Inspector nods and leaves. Zain praises Zara’s guts. Salma says , for her. Irfan hugs him. Zain says halwa, Salma says , bringing it for you.

Kabir mosque. All eye him and taunt him. Kabir greets and says my message can , friendship is above , Zara, and boy cant be I you that my father with me, she is pious, our relation is as pious as namaz. says dont namaz wit a sin. says time has , have . Kabir says islam you to as you . Imran says with you and . All Kair and hug him. Shahbaz on.

Zara tells Zain that I and meet Ayesha, she is . Zain says you as Kabir is my , he leaves. Zara sees of taunting Kabir. She says I there.

Scene 2

Salma and Zara Kabir’s . Zara says Ayesha, she from there. Kabir tells Shahbaz to their . Zain comes there and greets Shahbaz. Shahbaz tells Kabir that Zain is their as .

Ayesha talks to Salma and asks if Kabir and Zara talked? Salma says I dont . Ayesha says you dont hopeful. Salma Ruksaar’s . Ayesha says request them to one . Salma thinks that I dont her her dream . Zara comes there and says Ayesha slept. Kabir and Zain comes there and greet Salma. Kabir Salma’s promise and doesnt greet Zara.

Zara and an . A come to Zara and asks if she is Zara Siddiqui. Kabir that his friendship with Zara is pious as prayer, he and his are Kabir now.

At , Zara and Kabir on . Zara appreciates that Kabir is and . Kabir says has the to her or .

At , Qazi Sahib and that they their daughter’s . Zara’s Qazi Sahib that they Zain now. Kabir and Zara’s friendship is crossing its , they ’t the friendship and love. ’t her daughter’s ruined anymore. She her daughter to have her husband as her . Qazi Sahib to Zain and Zara .

Zara tells Kabir on he has left for Dubai. There are time and of as . be firebugs of friendship the message . The .morning, Qazi Sahib for newspaper. He opens door shuts it. terrified. stoning over the from . Qazi Sahib a threatening her daughter and open the door the stone turns to a shell. Qazi Sahib tells Zara to take her . Zara wasn’t him . They open the door. Zara’s puppet burning .

At Kabir’s , Zeenat and husband , that chanting slogans Zara and Kabir, claiming their to be illegitimate. There posters burning the and in papers. Shahbaz Kabir that his friendship with Zara . He says Kabir is , atleast he have Zara’s grace.

Qazi Sabir says he Zara to Kabir. They in a society which accepts such . He has stopped Zara from , if he does forbid then Zara abide it. He can’t watch his daughter lose her . Zara’s the that Zara neither meet Kabir, nor to him on . Zara silently walks upstairs.

Shahbaz tells Kabir to of his and his ’s . She the . Kabir . Shahbaz says is arriving.

Rukhsar comes Zara’s to console her. Zara’s that Ayesha Zara and Kabir. Rukhsar over Ayesha. Zara’s says she to for Zara, ’t Zara with Kabir who isn’t even to .

Kabir asks the what is. The feels quizzical how her immunity can so low she and there wasn’t . Rukhsar with on her face. Kabir says there be with the . The the don’t days. It’s that , ’s infectious. Rukhsar convinces Kabir to her Ayesha. Kabir . Zeenat comes Rukhsar’s . Kabir a and leaves.

Kabir comes Zara’s . He to her that newspaper is baseless. He watches her face and says she be in . She tells Kabir they , the . him to do for Zara. for Zara, its Zain. Kabir . Zain already, his sister is for Zain. Kabir now Zara to marry Zain. Kabir says . She forbids Kabir Zara anymore. Kabir replies he do as she asks him to. Kabir walks crying.

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