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Zara’s Nikah 19 January 2021 On Zeeworld

PublishedBy: in zeeworldFebruary 18, 2021

Zara’s Nikah 2021: Kabir in deep of Zara. He a . Later, Kabir had reached Zara’s  asks why he him . Zain from and takes Kabir . Zara’s for the meal. Kabir Zara . Zara’s 

Zeenat talks on that she feeling and over this , she to be . She speaks to Aman that her complained that he doesn’t the uniform rightly. Aman says its all Zeenat’s mistake, she did . Rukhsar has been doing all this, she doesn’t do .

Qazi Sahib stops Salma and says she shouldn’t have left . Salma . Shaina speaks to Zain why he invited Kabir, Zara’s ex-husband. Zain to her his , and – what . Salma takes Shaina the meal. Shaina leaves. Salma tells Zain to abide his sister’s , she is his elder and alike.Kabir sits for the , he Zara to be and eats fondly. Azra wonders if with . Kabir smiles that he her morning, and it’s . Zara replies it , this her father’s and his are . God how he Kabir for her. Kabir says he now , Zara hasn’t been what them. Its time they their and in . He has it and is leaving for . Zara leaves the . Kabir , then follows her to the room. He notices Zara’s face then and says he prays Zara on in her . He even the shadow of can’t her. Zain comes there and asks what shadow. Kabir turns . Zain and asks being left . Kabir explains that he and Zara are , they their . He prays they . He Zain for the invitation and takes the glass of water from Zain. Zain says Zara him Kabir . Kabir . Zara says she consulted a to of the , the her . The trick for Kabir. this Kabir. She Kabir for her from the shackles and he a witness to their Nikah. Zain with Zara’s request. Kabir to be one.

Zara stops Kabir on his . She says she and Zain are going to Singapore after . Kabir . Zara says she isn’t , going to Singapore. Kabir fakes . Zara says she for his happiness, why Kabir marry Rukhsar day she and Zain married. Kabir replies he to Dubai now, marry later invite Zara. bid a farewell to .

Zara Zain for inviting Kabir questions. Zain says one stars for a bride as as Zara. And Zara appointed Kabir as a witness Nikah.Kashan comes to Zeenat Amaan with homework. Zeenat says she feels now. Kashaan takes Aman leaving Zeenat for . Zeenat reads the ultrasound Kashan had . She calls the . The says her ’s is arrested, and is . She take a as as . Zeenat cries and requests the to do , she this in her . The feels helpless.

Shaina takes and Salma any . had left, Salma prays that Zara now.Kabir returns . His brother notices his devastated and asks what . Kabir cries hugging him tightly. He says he can’t do it anymore.

Azra opens the from Zain’s . She hangs wall. Zara the room and asks Azra what she is . Azra says the time is , why the clock as . It’s time relationships and . Zara opens the and thinks all her with Kabir. fell off her eyes silently.

Kabir crying at his . Zara sat in her room, and crying as she thinks Kabir’s and prayers for her marriage. morning, Kabir and Zara pray respective rooms. Kabir wake Amaan who in his room. Aman cries. Kabir . Aman says Abbu that his will die if come to their . Kabir hugs Aman and assures his .

It Zara’s Haldi . The bride and groom the . Shaina says she didn’t the of a , and to Zain and Zara’s Haldi . Azra seconds her . Kabir a from Zara. had . Kabir cuts . Salma and Qazi Sahib calls Zara to her seat for the ritual. Shahbaz turns . Kabir stops Shahbaz and speaks to him Zeenat’s case. He says they take the of a any . Shahbaz forbids Kabir to take Zara’s language. Kabir says Aman to him, he had heard his with the and crying. Shahbaz assertive that Aman is a , they to Aman that at Allah’s will. He his will . Zeenat to her room. She loses her the , then consoles herself.

Salma kiss Zara’s after Haldi. Azra and Shaina take their turns. Zara sends a message to Kabir. Kabir Zara’s from the Haldi. She had why Kabir wasn’t in moments of happiness. Kabir fell .

, Zara a from Zeenat. . Zara tensed. Zeenat tells Zara that Abu to to ’s . She tells Zara her , and Kabir’s with Shahbaz. Zara forbids her to cry, be there. Shaina tells Zara ’t after Haldi. Zara says it’s for her . Zain walks Zara.

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