Zara’s Nikah 23 October 2020 On Zeeworld

Zara’s Nikah 22 October 2020 On Zeeworld

You in AC room, a lavish and what you do? distribute to ? namesake beggar. I you their their lives to their . Kabir on. Kabir asks what she ? Zara says poverty then come and outhouse a , how with and run your , do it?Kabir away. Zara thinks that I made him and make the . Ruksaar comes there. Zara makes her and says Kabir to with us outhouse. Ruksaar says ? Kabir says . He says to Zara that I spent my with in madarasa, I dont have come outhouse for that, he leaves. Zara says come and with us, I .

Zara Shahbaz and says I challenged Kabir and with us so he can of , come your so dont distract him this time. Shahbaz says dont your , I wont your insults. Zara says your out to Kabir, I your and debt, I you gave your zakat ,

I you I wont insult you infront of , to God so dont do make me your out to Kabir so son. She sees Kabir calling and it on speaker. Kabir says I to you. Shahbaz says come and to you, he ends at Zara. He leaves.

Kabir is one and says all grocery. Shahbaz comes there. Kabir says I grocery so them from my for them. Shahbaz says . Kabir says Zara challenged me to in outhouse, what you me to do? Zeenat hides there. Shahbaz says do what your says. Kabir says get distracted my , there at any , in outhouse, her. He and says coming, he leaves. Shahbaz Zara’s and thinks that Zara that Kabir from going to outhouse and him .

Servant tells Zara that my daughter Fatima has admission in , she has scholarship 60K , Shahbaz promised it. Zara Fatima . Zeenat shouts for servant Saira.

Zeenat asks Saira why did you my ? me ? Ayesha says she has been with us for years. Zeenat says me ? Saira says . Shahbaz says she and for 60K so she have stolen it. Saira says I didnt do it. Zeenat says throw her out of . Saira says no, how will Fatima get for ? Zara comes there and says this lacs of zakat and cant pay for one ? pay for Fatima’s , for . Zeenat smirks at Shahbaz tensed.

Zara 60K to Saira, Saira her, Zara says Fatima me she .

Zeenat says to Shahbaz that Zara fell in and gave all her to Fatima. Shahbaz says Zara made you fall in her , its that Kabir going to outhouse you helped Zara in penniless and making Kabir her. Zeenat says no, Zara had to spend months, she used Kabir’s and him fare, they she doesnt have now, make Kabir that Zara’s trick all her away so to for her Kabir will .

Scene 2

Zara calls Kabir. Kabir comes there. Zara asks why didnt you your stuff? Kabir says outhouse, I poverty. Zara says with us, I gave all my to Saira’s daughter Fatima for her admission, I dont have a penny, days make us .

Kabir Shahbaz and asks why didnt he pay for Saira’s daughter? Zeenat says she stole from us. Kabir says it . Zeenat says her ? Kabir says she did a mistake then why punish Fatima? this I punishment for Shahbaz first time this is doing injustice, thank God Zara paid her.

Kabir thinks that Zara’s , Saira did in our so her .

Ayesha says to Zara thats its to . Zara says I my husband to . Kabir comes there and says Saira in our so pay her, he her Zara says take this earned it.

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