Zara’s nikkah 24 October 2020

Kabir Zara and says Fatima is our servant so pay her . Zara says take it earned it father’s who denied her, earn then take it.

Kabir says ? Zara says my husband is . Kabir says blackmailing me with ? falling for this. Zara says I dont have any left, for days .

Zeenat tells Shahbaz that Kabir to and he cant do Zara . Kabir comes there and says Zara is , she taking my , ask her to take it. Shahbaz says she wont , she is doing drama of being hungry. Kabir says no, she wont hungry like this, why she pay for Fatima’s ? Zeenat says she is this drama to make you outhouse and , she have stolen my so Fatima you to . Kabir on.

Zara thinks that hungry I cant Ruksaar be hungry all this. Zara asks Ruksaar to , Ruksaar says no and runs there. Kabir comes there and says , is it? Zara says I my husband to to me. Kabir throwing her and in basket. Zara is . Kabir says this you trick? He grabs her hand and takes her from there.

Kabir to in . Zeenat says you stooped so low? Kabir says Zara has sorry. Flashback how Zeenat silently went to Zara’s and it there. Ayesha says it in her it doesnt Zara stole it, did see her stealing it? Kabir says she is doing this trick to me to her outhouse. Zara says this a plot , it in my and God will of that out.

Zara outhouse and sees Ruksaar with flour. Zara says you destroyed all flour. Zara to take it it falls. Ruksaar shouts are and leaves from there. Zara thinks that I do it for her.

Ruksaar comes and cries, she says to Ayesha that Zara threw flour on me and made me outhouse. Zeenat says this Zara is so . Kabir on.

Zeenat thinks Ruksaar Zara. Zeenat says Zara hates you Kabir married you used you , she to kill you, this Zara.

Zara asks Kabir if he thinks she stole it? Kabir says no, you and pretending to be , you threw Ruksaar out of so she doesnt all this you what you to make me bow down.

Ruksaar cries and tells Zeenat that take revenge from Zara, do . Zeenat hugs her and says time.

Kabir says to Zara that I wont earn and make you so all this, lose. Zara Shahbaz’s Kabir for . Kabir to Zara and nods at her. He turns Zara shakes head and , she says make my husband win alive or . Kabir on.

Zeenat thinks that Ruksaar is a from so Zara dies then she wont be punished.

Zara says to Kabir that what you alive, after , does drama with ? Kabir is .

Zeeenat says plan Zara’s .

The episode with Zara realising she had rations for . She to make it for herself. She Kabir to this meal. He accepts her invitation.

At Ahmad , Kabir to his bag for his to Gorakhpur for days n Zara him with packing. Ruksar take revenge from Zara and asks Zeenat n . Zeenat her .

Zara and Kabir the meal.. Zara reminds Kabir how he had cursed her that who married her . Kabir that . Zara says she had proved it . Zara assures him that now make him have fortune henceforth.. Zahir have eyelock…

Kabir then informs her that a lunch at Sharia board. Zara says this his trick to she ate .

Kabir then Irfan kazi’s and requests Salma to and Zara to at their . he from Serb Dhar sammelan, he he made for Zara.

Zara a from her Siya that her husband terminally , she Maha Yagya for her husband’s ..Zara her and prays for her husband’s .

Zeenat wonders Zara admitted to … it for to die. Zeenat fakes her .. and Zara has no to take Zeenat to . This prevents Zara from attending the lunch at sharia board.Processing

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