update Tuesday 28 September 2021

28 September 2021: Rakhi exclaims that Preeta has married karan, Ramona says that Preeta also married Karan in disguise so what wrong did her daughter do, Rakhi mentions that no matter the situation Preeta is now the wife of Karan,

Rakhi exclaims that she feels Maira has gotten obsessed with karan which is why she is always trying to be around him, she orders Ramona to take her daughter back home and teach her how she can live her life as they do not always get what they desire.

Maira says that if her love for karan is madness then she is really mad, they all can even call her mad, she says that it is not fair, Preeta asks Maira to control herself, Maira mentions that she should have been the one to control herself as then nothing would have happened, she says that Preeta should not talk in between as she is talking wither Rakhi maa, Preeta says that Rakhi is her mother and if anyone stands in her house trying to create a scene so she has the right to talk, Rakhi exclaims that Preeta is right as she is standing in front of her talking like this about her husband so she has to stop talking, Maira exclaims that Preeta has been married to karan, they have also accepted her as the daughter in law so she should stop, Rakhi mentions that she came to the function dressed as Preeta and because of her all the guests were talking about her, she cannot let the reputation of her family be ruined.

Rakhi orders Ramona to take her daughter as it would create a storm that would ruin their house, she pleads with Ramona to take her daughter, as there are some relationships which her daughter cannot bear so she has to leave her house, Rakhi even apologizes to Maira exclaiming that she knows Karan promised to marry her but it doesnot know what is right, she only knows that the relationships are made in the skies, Rakhi tries to make her realize that she should go back to her house and forgive them if they have made a mistake.

Karina steps in between asking why does she want Maira to leave the house, as Preeta should be the one to leave the house, Rakhi exclaims that Preeta cannot leave as she is a member of their family so it is not right that any other girl lives in the same house, so Maira has to leave, Karina exclaims that how can she be against Maira when she also wanted that Preeta not marry Karan, Rakhi exclaims that she is not against Maira but she cannot take the right of Preeta as she is now the wife of Karan, so Maira cannot take the vows or the rights of Preeta.

Maira goes to Karan inquiring why he is not saying anything, she exclaims that she cannot leave him and will die if they both are separated so he should ask them all to let her stay, Karan calms her down explaining that she is his best friend but is not the same so he wants her to be happy so he feels that his mother is telling the truth, Rakhi asks Ramona to take her daughter away, Maira starts pleading with the entire family to not let her go away from the house because she will not leave them, Ramona tries to stop Maira however she is adamant, Rakhi explains that she is not throwing her out of the house but only desires that she go back to her own house,

Maira pushes her away, Rakhi is about to fall, Dadi says that she should not have done this and after witnessing her madness she doesnot want Maira to stay in the house, Rishab and Karan both get really angry with her.


Maira is in the room packing her clothes when she takes out the cloth which Rakhi tied on her wedding day with Karan, she throws her clothes, Preeta picks it up so Maira questions how she touched her clothes, Preeta exclaims that if she cannot bear that she ahs even touched her clothes then how can she touch and dance with her husband, Maira exclaims that she would be really happy to see that Maira is leaving, Preeta responds that anyone who loves the family would be happy to see that she is no longer going to be ion the house to harm her family, Preeta says that ever since she has come to the house, she along with Sherlin has planned to ruin the Luthra family, Preeta explains that she is happy to see that Maira is leaving,

Preeta asks her to be happy as no one in the Luthra family knows that she is criminal minded and even planned to kill the head of the Luthra house, Mahesh papa, Preeta mentions that she doesnot know why she is being asked to leave, the person she desired to marry doesnot belong to her as the relations are made on the sky, Preeta mentions that she in her madness ruined her own plan, she got her kidnapped with Pawan and misbehaved with the entire family, this changed their perception of her as they came to know about her true identity,

they came to realize Maira doesnot care of their reputation so she has been ordered to leave, her entire plan got ruined, Preeta mentions that she even tried to kill her but she did not have to do anything to Maira.
Preeta answers that the only she lost was because she tried to perform the Seetaharan but forgot that Rawan was not able to touch Seeta, just the same Pawan was also not able to touch her so she is happy that Maira is leaving, Maira exclaims that she will remember each and every word of her conversation, she will come back in her life when Preeta is really happy and make her cry so that she has no space to even leave, Maira responds that she will not forget Preeta, she will come back to take back Karan as he is her love.

Maira threatens that she will make Preeta pay in her life for marrying Karan, Preeta exclaims that she is sorry that Maira got the chance to correct herself still she was not able to do it, she must rest assured that Preeta would never feel resented for marrying Karan and she must remember it, Maira also says that she would make sure Preeta doesnot forget her.

Maira reaching the hall says that she doesnot want to leave so they must ask her to not leave, she goes to karan exclaiming that he must stop her as she loves her, Karan yells at her explaining that there is nothing of the sort as she never loved him and he also doesnot love her, in ones life they tend to involve others in their desires however they cannot be fulfilled so she must move on as he wants to see her live a happy life but it is not possible if she stays in their house, Maira kneels down pleading with him to make her stay however Karan tries to make her understand that she has another life where he cannot be a part of her decisions,

he is her best friend so wants to see her fulfil her wishes, Maira hugs Karan from the knees, he gets irritated saying that it is not worthwhile as everyone is watching, Preeta gets mad so taking the hand of Maira throws her out of the house, when Karina is realty angry with what she has done, Maira is not able to believe what has happened so when the door closes she starts breaking the decorations, everyone in the house is worried about what she might do to herself.

Rakhi thinks that she knows what she ahs done is the right thing as she feared of what might have happened in her house if Maira stays here, but she would not be able to make anyone understand her decision, Rishab going to Karan explains that he also feels sorry for Maira but he knows what she was doing was not right so their mother has made the right decision.
Sarla is in her house, Preeta calls but she is not able to answer the call, yelling at Shrishti she asks her to come so Shrishti is able to answer the call, Preeta exclaims that her mother is the one because of whom her life is going to be at , Shrishti along with Sarla ask what she meant by this statement, Preeta exclaims that she had a conversation with Rakhi and so they have finally been able to do what she could never perform. She says that if she tells them the news, they would not believe her, Shrishti stops her saying that why is she saying that they would not trust her,

Preeta explains that she had a conversation with Maira explaining that she was only trying to hurt the image of the Luthra family and she should not stay in the same house, Preeta says that her conversation had a lot of effect on the heart of Rakhi so she ordered Maira to leave and she is no longer in their house, Shrishti in rejoice hugs Sarla preventing Preeta from saying anything, Shrishti apologizes saying that she got excited, Preeta ends the call saying that she would meet them in the function.

Preeta turns then seeing Karan entering, she pretends that she is on the call with her friend explaining that Karan doesnot have any supernatural activities and also that she is not charming at all, Karan gets mad hearing her words so taking the phone explains that it is nothing of the sort as she is not so special as he has a lot of feelings for all of his fans, he realizes that there is something wrong and is amazed to see that she has played a prank on him.

Prithvi is in the room when there is a knock on the door, he orders her mother to leave him alone but opening the window is shocked to see Sherlin standing there, Sherlin orders him to help her enter the room, she instantly hugs him, Prithvi wonders that she did not get mad even when he was about to marry Preeta, Sherlin mentions that she came to make him realize that she loves him even when he forgot, but she cannot forget that he lost as he tried to perform the SeetaHaran but was not able to do it. Sherlin says that he has always lost when he tried to get near Preeta so she would never help him in marrying Preeta she pushes him on the bed, he makes her sit on his lap explaining that he doesnot ever try to forget her orders.

Sherlin explains that Preeta came to her asking what kind of her relation is with Prithvi, he asks if she told her all about them, Sherlin says that he is only thinking about Preeta, Sherlin says that Maira tried to throw Preeta out of the house but was forced to leave the house, Prithvi gets worried, Sherlin thinks that he is still thinking about her, Prithvi mentions that this was not the case as now there is something to prevent their plans from finalizing and it was to ruin Rishab, )Prithvi exclaims that she should act as the elder daughter in law of the house, she should fight Preeta from all fronts and ruin them, Sherlin desires Prithvi for his help, he explains that he will always be there for her and help him.

Karan exclaims that she made a fool of him so now he would make her pay, he turns the temperature of the air conditioner to the lowest point and sleeps on the bed saying that it is his bed and room so he would do what he desires. Preeta sits on the sofa thinking that she hurt karan a lot and now would have to suffer, karan also thinks of making her pay, Preeta exclaims that Karan doesnot have a heart, he acts as if he is sleeping, she calls him heartless, he inquires why did she say this, she mentions that he doesnot care for her as otherwise would have turned off the AC.

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